We’re excited to announce that Misfit Shine and Flash now sync seamlessly with your MyFitnessPal account.

One of the sleekest smart activity trackers on the market, Shine is the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle, whether you’re in a suit for a board meeting, or slipping into sweats to hit the gym. Its fashion-forward design allows you to wear it just about anywhere—strap it to your wrist, string it around your neck, slip it in a pocket, attach it to your shoe, you name it. It tracks your activity level whether you’re sleeping, walking, cycling, or swimming, and it’s waterproof up to 50 meters! You can even use it as a watch—all without ever having to plug it in for a charge.

When you sync your Misfit device with MyFitnessPal, your activity will be added to your account automatically, and any weight or nutrition info you input into MyFitnessPal will be sent to your Misfit app—it’s that simple!

To connect your accounts, visit the MyFitnessPal App Gallery and get started. (Right now, only those with iOS devices can take advantage of this partnership, but we hope to roll it out to other platforms soon.)

With a nod to fashion and function, Misfit and MyFitnessPal are the perfect additions to your healthy lifestyle.