Reaching for your glowing iPhone the second you wake up might not be the best way to channel a “Zen” vibe throughout your day. (Although it can be hard to resist.)

That’s where meditation comes in. Whether a breath-focused or other practice, it’s been shown to help with everything from stress levels to sex drive. But we’re not going to lie, finding time for it can be pretty tough.

So we tapped these seven busy, working women who’ve figured out how to fit in time to meditate, despite to-do lists that go on for days.

Find out how they organize their day to make it happen—what it does for their workweek, their sanity and happiness, and, well, pretty much everything else.

Denise Mari, 40, New York City, founder of Organic Avenue “Meditation is as necessary to peace of mind as air and water is necessary to life. I meditate daily as part of my yoga practice and to really increase the goodness in life,” says Mari.

Sounds great, but how does she make sure it happens? “I begin and end each day with it—for 11 minutes—whether it’s on a yoga mat or my bed, when I first wake up or just before I go to sleep,” she says.

Rachel Krupa, 34, Los Angeles, founder of Krupa Consulting “I’m relatively new to meditation—I started in December 2013, and it’s been life changing. Last winter, I felt as if I was being chaotically pulled in too many directions, and there was not enough time in the day to accomplish everything. My sister, who’s been practicing meditation and energy medicine for years forced me to meditate with her. I was hooked. By clearing my mind and removing the clutter, I was able to focus, be more productive, and most importantly, reconnect with my deeper self, says Krupa.

“I try to mediate every morning…I set my alarm to wake up 15 minutes earlier and either go outside on my balcony (the joys of sunny LA) or sit in front of my window, light a candle, and go! On particularly challenging days, I go to Unplug Meditation.”

Julia Dzafic, 28, New York City, head of online marketing for Nourish Snacks “I started my meditation practice about two years ago to help with insomnia. Now, I try to meditate for at least five minutes before bed,” says Dzafic.

Although some styles of meditation focus on clearing your mind, Dzafic says that’s not what it means for her. “I find that I often reach for my phone the second I wake up, and instead taking a few minutes to properly appreciate the day before I check my emails makes a world of difference.”

Melanie Griffith, 45, New York City, SoulCycle master instructor “I started meditating three years ago when I was about to begin chemotherapy treatment for chronic lymphoma. I was planning to continue teaching my SoulCycle classes and wanted to approach them, as well as my role as a mother of three, with as much energy as possible,” says Griffith.

“Making time to meditate is simply a choice. Meditation has helped me find lasting calm and clarity—even though my life is extremely full. Understanding how to quiet my mind, and stay present in each moment, has a profound impact on my daily life.”

—Molly Gallagher for Well + Good

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