There are no genies in these bottles, but what you do get inside any package with the Organika label is something the company is very proud to talk about: quality, purity, and potency.

There are no genies in these bottles, but what you do get inside any package with the Organika label is something the company is very proud to talk about: quality, purity, and potency.

Organika was established in 1990. Their team of industry specialists works in a state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, BC. In just over a decade, Organika Health Products (nominated this year as Exporter of the Year) has evolved into a rapidly growing manufacturer and distributor of health supplements selling to retail health food stores across Canada.

Organika\’s product line boasts over 450 health supplements addressing a diverse range of health issues and was one of the first companies to introduce glucosamine sulphate: GLS 500 in 1992. Some of the highlights of Organika\’s product range include the Liga-joint line, Full Spectrum Plant Enzymes, and Organikids products made especially for children. Organika is also the only company to carry the full line of coenzyme Q10 supplements, including beauty aids.

Company president Tom Chin says, \”Organika is always in the forefront developing new products, challenging products that actually work, with clinical trials done on them.\” Chin adds, \”We also develop functional foods that can be utilized in therapeutic doses so that people can enjoy a natural way of healing.\”

Quality First

Organika was the first health supplement company in Canada to receive International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001 certification in addition to its good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification. In order to meet Canadian GMP site license compliance certification requirements, a company must undergo regular, independent audit inspections. ISO 9001-certified companies must consistently provide products that enhance customer satisfaction, meet applicable regulatory requirements, and undergo annual auditing. Organika is one of the few Canadian health companies with the required management control systems to be awarded ISO 9001 certification.

Through these two certifications, plus their own demanding standards, Organika consistently maintains their quality commitment.

Potency and Purity, Positively

Organika\’s development team experts use the latest research from the global scientific community. Between product development and manufacture comes a critical step in the creation of each of Organika\’s products finding the purest raw materials. Organika\’s purchasing department combs the world for the raw materials they know will provide the safest and most effective end products. Because this step is crucial for creating consistently high-quality products, this is also the stage at which Organika\’s strict testing process begins.

Raw materials are rigorously tested to ensure their purity before they are moved into the manufacturing process.

From raw material to finished products, everything at Organika is tested a minimum of eight times, far exceeding the industry standard, to maintain the integrity of their promise: quality, purity, and potency. For more information about Organika Health Products, visit

Giving Back

Organika maintains its commitment to community by:

  • donating generously to BC Children\’s Hospital fund, Chernobyl Children\’s fund, local schools, homeless shelters, and sports clubs.
  • belonging to the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • operating an extensive in-house recycling program.
  • coordinating an annual Christmas food-bank drive
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