Wrap & Roll

Wrap & Roll

Good things come in small packages – and our wrap recipes prove the point. Use cabbage or lettuce leaves or a sheet of nori to wrap up your next meal.

Keeping mealtimes exciting and fresh is something we all struggle with from time to time. What might seem like a minor food rut can quickly morph into feeling forlorn about healthy eating. The best defence against the eating blahs? Widen your culinary horizons and find new ways to jazz up the presentation of your dinners and workday lunches.

And what better way to put the kibosh on meal doldrums than with fanciful wraps? Not the kind of wraps that consist of a handful of processed meat, a squirt of white goo, and a heaping pile of dull iceberg lettuce packaged up in a humdrum tortilla; rather, wraps made with inspiring fillings and rolled up in fun items that provide a visual, textural, and flavourful assault on your senses.

To become your own wrap artist and add flair to mealtime, start with these recipes and get rolling on joyful eating.


  • Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Apple-Quinoa Salad Cabbage Wraps
  • Lettuce Wraps with Walnut-Lentil Spread
  • Salmon Nori Rolls
  • Vegetable Omelette Rolls


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