Seriously Healthy 30-Minute Dinners

The following healthy dinners will be on the table in fewer than 30 minutes, guaranteed.Preparing a fancy four-course meal from scratch is totally fun … if you’re on vacation. But most likely you’re a

The Science Behind Meditation

The alarm goes off, and my mind automatically kicks in with its incessant ritual chatter.Beep!...Beep!…Beep!…The alarm goes off, and my mind automatically kicks in with its incessant ritual chatter.I
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The most spectacular positive transformations only happen after people radically change their way of eating


The power of training is incredible. Weight training, running, swimming, jogging, yoga or crossfit, you should try them all and decide what suits your body best


The individual overall health level is determined by the mental and physical well being. Do not neglect either of them

5 Ways to Weave Greens Into Winter Meals

If you’re thinking about swearing off all foods but kale salad to meet your healthy living goals, think again. The

Fit Food Spotlight: Dates

Dates are a nutrient-packed powerhouse perfect for fueling workouts and adding valuable nutrients to your day. The

Surprisingly Healthy Super Bowl Fare

The following recipes will satisfy a hungry crowd, but not at the expense of their health.Any football fans out there? Nah, didn’t think so. I kid, I kid! Football fan or not, you are probably aware t
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