Meatless Monday: Easter Brunch

Meatless Monday: Easter Brunch

Planning an Easter brunch? Our vegetarian menu, complete with gluten- and sugar-free options, will please both kids and adults alike.

After a busy morning of making Easter crafts and hunting for chocolate eggs, there’s nothing better than sitting down with the family for a relaxing meal. With Easter just around the corner, why not plan a healthy, delicious brunch that will please both kids and adults alike?

The following recipes are all vegetarian, and many of them are also free of gluten and artificial sweeteners. For pretty, rustic place settings, consider decorating your table with naturally dyed Easter eggs.

Entrées for kids

  • Teff Waffles with Rhubarb-Strawberry Sauce—the quintessential kid breakfast, waffles get a health makeover thanks to hardy oat and teff flours.
  • Apple Lentil Muffins—with 8 grams of fibre, these muffins are sweet yet dense.
  • Cinnamony Apple Bread Pudding—bread puddings are usually sugar bombs, but this version relies on the natural sweetness of apples, almond butter, and honey.
  • Popover Egg Pies—these muffin-shaped puffs can be eaten out of hand for maximum kid enjoyment.

Entrées for adults

  • Thyme, Tomato, and Corn Pancakes—think of these as grown-up, savoury versions of the sweet pancakes we loved as children.
  • Marigold Baked Eggs—garnished with edible marigold petals, these eggs are as beautiful as they are tasty.
  • Rose Fruit Parfait—a simple and elegant dish, this rosewater-infused parfait is perfect for those who prefer a light, delicate brunch.
  • Oat and Sweet Potato Salad—featuring oat groats, kale, and black beans, this filling salad is a nutritional heavyweight.    


Everybody likes dessert! While a typical brunch might not include sweets, Easter brunch is the exception. These yummy treats will satisfy all age groups.

  • Teff Date Pudding—the teff love continues with a creamy, cocoa-infused pudding that looks gorgeous garnished with raspberries and chopped hazelnuts.
  • Blueberry Almond Tea Cakes—these fancy cakes are quick and easy, and they use natural sweeteners such as honey and applesauce.
  • Berry Crisp—a granola garnish adds crunch to this super-simple berry dessert.
  • Cornmeal Crepes with Maple Blueberries—straddling the line between breakfast and dessert, these sweet crepes are delicious served with dollops of vanilla ice cream.


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