Simple Spring Salads

Simple Spring Salads

Put some spring pizzazz on your plate with these deliciously fresh salad offerings.

Enjoy the first tastes of the season with these simple spring salads that focus on fresh, easy combinations with bright colours and even brighter tastes. Seasonal ingredients combined with year-long standbys provide health-enhancing nutrients. These salads are quick and easy—with no more than six ingredients in any dressing—to keep the focus on the greens and their tasty accompaniments.

As a side or a starter, these salads will tease your taste buds with spring freshness. To create a full meal around these easy recipes, simply add a serving size of lean grilled protein such as chicken, fish, or tofu.


  • Simple Zen Cucumber Salad
  • Zesty Lime, Spinach, and Asparagus Salad
  • Radish and Sugar Snap Pea Slaw
  • Italian Bread and Tomato Salad
  • Grilled Rhubarb Salad


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