Delicious DIY Gifts for Everyone and Every Occasion

Delicious DIY Gifts for Everyone and Every Occasion

Homemade food is the perfect gift: it’s genuine, heartfelt, and not overly expensive. Check out these awesome alive recipes!

Wondering what to bring as a host gift to the myriad of parties you’ll be attending this holiday season, and what gifts might be suitable for that someone on your list you don’t want to forget? Homemade food is the perfect solution—it’s a genuine, heartfelt gift that’s not overly expensive. We’ve rounded up the best recipes for each and every holiday occasion.

For your neighbour’s potluck
These Marinated Feta, Olive, and Roasted Red Pepper Skewers are a great mess-free finger food, while this Smoked Salmon Dip will be a surefire crowd-pleaser.

For your friend’s formal dinner party
These Sweet and Spicy Nuts pair beautifully with these Chocolate Truffles, balancing savoury with sweet, and adding a touch of sophistication.

For your trendy friend’s holiday party
These Roasted Chickpeas are a fun finger food with a kick, while Lemony Kale Popcorn highlight’s kale’s newfound superfood status.

For your child’s teacher
This Chocolate Fruit Bark recipe can be modified to incorporate whatever dried fruits or nuts you like. If your child’s report card unexpectedly improves, you can thank us.

For the company cookie swap
Check out our new article “Cookie Swap!” for five lip-smacking cookie recipes, plus wrapping ideas and decorating suggestions.

For the dogwalker/hairdresser/babysitter
Chocolate-Covered Popcorn Cups are a lighthearted gift that can be wrapped individually, like cupcakes, or given in batches.


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