What's Your Ice Cream Personality?

What\'s Your Ice Cream Personality?

New research by Baskin-Robbins matches ice cream preferences to personality.

In honour of National Ice Cream Month – which is apparently a thing – new research by Baskin-Robbins has connected ice cream preferences with personality traits. Baskin-Robbins teamed up with Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, to suss out the science behind ice cream selection. 

Researchers found that those who prefer Rocky Road are apparently very good listeners. And surprisingly, despite its happy-making blend of colours and tastes, Rainbow Sherbet was associated with pessimism.

So that’s why I’ve always had deep,meaningful conversations with friends over a tub of Rocky Road…

Curious about where your ice cream preferences fall on the spectrum? Here’s a summary of Baskin-Robbins’ flavourful findings:

  • Vanilla enthusiasts are impulsive idealists
  • Chocolate fans are dramatic, charming, and flirtatious
  • Mint Chocolate Chip choosers are argumentative and money-conscious
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough devotees are visionary entrepreneurs
  • Pralines ‘n Cream favourers are shy, supportive friends
  • Rainbow Sherbet lovers are analytical and pessimistic

Huh – looks like I’ll be choosing Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on my next visit to the ice cream aisle.

How about you? What’s your favourite ice cream flavour, and does it match Baskin-Robbins’ prediction of your personality? Let us know via the comments below, Facebook, or Twitter.


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