Meatless Monday: Vegan Baking

Meatless Monday: Vegan Baking

Planning to do some holiday baking? Mix things up by substituting plant-based products for the ever-popular milk, butter, eggs, and honey.

Planning a cookie swap this season? Mix things up by substituting plant-based products for the ever-popular milk, butter, eggs, and honey in your holiday recipes.


Rice, hemp, almond, soy—nondairy milks are available in varieties to suit all taste preferences. Substitute an equal amount of almond milk, for example, when baked goods are in need of nutty flavour. Vanilla and dark chocolate varieties can also be used in recipes that need some extra sweetening.


For festive, spicy favourites such as gingerbread and spice cookies, extra-virgin olive oil can suffice. For recipes that require extra thickening (which butter would usually provide), try using unrefined coconut oil. 


To replace this messy staple of baking, mix one tablespoon ground flaxseeds with three tablespoons water for an easy replacement. You could also use a mashed banana or applesauce to mimic the moistening effect of eggs.


This might be the most popular natural sweetener, but maple syrup, rice syrup, or agave nectar can also add a touch of sweet moisture to baked goods.

Need inspiration? Try some of these vegan alive goodies to get going on your holiday baking.

  • Wholesome Strawberry Thumbelina Cookies
  • Cinnamon Pecan Banana Bites
  • Buckwheat Snowballs
  • Crispy Rice Nut Butter Squares
  • Chocolate Apricot Walnut Cookies
  • Chocolate Fruit Bark
  • Almond Butter Maple Cookies

What will you be making this season—sugar cookies, fruit cake, gingerbread people? Let us know what you’re most excited to make (or decorate!) via Facebook, Twitter, or the comments below. Pictures of said goodies are always welcome too.


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