Celebrate Watermelon Day!

Celebrate Watermelon Day!

Celebrate Watermelon Day on August 3 by picking the perfect melon!

Picnics, beach days, and backyard barbeques—watermelon is the guest of honour at many a summer soiree. Conveniently, Watermelon Day falls on August 3—right in the middle of a long weekend for some lucky Canadians.

How to choose the choicest melon

Nothing makes me more melon-choly than biting into a slice of overripe, sandpaper-tasting watermelon. Steer clear of my melon-purchasing woes by looking for a faint yellow patch at the base of the fruit. For a sillier but also effective test, try the so-called thumping method. Knock gently on a watermelon before buying; a deep, hollow sound means the melon is just right, while mushiness or a dull, indistinct thud are sure signs of a dud.

Storage suggestions

Whole watermelons will last longer—up to two weeks—outside the fridge. If you’ve already munched on half a melon, however, refrigerate and cover the leftovers to preserve freshness. Once cut, the melon should be good for about three days or so.

Whacky for watermelons

Summer weekends are the perfect time to experiment with watermelon recipes. Simple slices and cubed chunks are yummy—but a bit boring. Whether you’re at a picnic in the park, beach bash, or at-home BBQ, enjoy these recipes that incorporate the much-loved watermelon in a whacky way:  

  • Cubed and seeded in minty water
  • Grilled in a chicken sandwich
  • Whipped into a creamy frappe with rooibos tea and yogurt
  • Tossed in a light summer salad
  • Blended into a sweet, satisfying juice

Will you be enjoying watermelon this weekend? (It’s summer—do I even need to ask?) Let us know how you prepare this sweet treat in the comments below or by visiting our Facebook or Twitter.

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