Apples and Pears

Apples and Pears

The quintessential fall fruits, apples and pears, bring a sweet taste of autumn to these simple, yet delicious, recipes.

Apples and pears are two of our favourite autumn fruits. Not only are they healthy and delicious on their own but, when combined, they embody the flavour of fall.

The old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is well remembered by most and is sound advice when you consider all of the benefits your body gets from apples.

An apple contains the alphabet of vitamins and minerals, providing our bodies with nutrients it needs as well as being a tasty treat. Apples are an excellent source of antioxidants, those fighting compounds our bodies need to battle diseases and repair themselves.

As well, a medium apple contains about 4 g of fibre, which explains why eating them regularly promotes a healthy digestive system and helps prevent the onset of diabetes, high cholesterol, and various cancers.

Don’t forget pears. These luscious fall fruits share all of the nutritional benefits of apples. And just like apples, pears are among the lowest calorific fruits.

To get the most out of both fruits, eat them whole. Research has shown that much of their nutrients are located in the skin.

Since there are so many varieties of apples and pears to choose from, don’t be afraid to change them up in your recipes—this will create new flavours and textures for your favourite dishes. Refer to the apple and pear charts on page 145 to determine their natural sweetness or tartness when determining which variety to add to your recipes. If the fruits are naturally very sweet, limit the amount of sugar you add to have the pleasure of tasting their natural sweetness.


  • Grilled Chicken Breast with Apple and Pear Salsa
  • Apple and Pear Crêpes
  • Apple, Pear, and Walnut Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Apples and Pears Rustic Pie (gluten free)
  • Pear and Apple Strudel

Apples and pears

What follows is a list of BC apples and pears, also available in most Canadian provinces and around the world. Sometimes, the names change, but taste and flesh descriptions will help classify them. All apples and pears are excellent choices for eating raw and for serving in salads, while some are more suitable for baking.

Apple Name Taste Flesh Uses
Ambrosia very sweet firm, crisp, white suitable for baking
Braeburn sweet with some tartness firm, crisp, juicy suitable for baking
Fuji very sweet firm, crisp, crunchy suitable for baking
Golden Delicious sweet and rich medium firm can be frozen; ideal for pies and sauces
Granny Smith tart and tangy extra firm, crisp suitable for baking
Honeycrisp sweet firm, crisp suitable for baking
Jonagold sweet with some tartness firm, crisp, crunchy suitable for baking
McIntosh rich, tangy, aromatic soft, creamy, juicy not good for baking; great for apple butter or sauce
Nicola sweet firm, creamy, juicy suitable for baking
Red Delicious sweet with some tartness soft, crisp, juicy does not cook well
Royal Gala sweet firm, crisp suitable for baking
Spartan sweet, succulent showy white, crunchy suitable for baking
Sunrise sweet yet tart firm, crisp suitable for baking
Pear name Taste Flesh Uses
Anjou sweet firm, juicy any recipe
Bartlett sweet soft, juicy ideal for baking
Bosc sweet yet spiced crisp, creamy, white great for poaching
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