#2013alive: Start Right by Eating a Balanced Breakfast Every Day

#2013alive: Start Right by Eating a Balanced Breakfast Every Day

Week 1 of #2013alive focuses on eating breakfast every day. Tell us how you’re going to do it!

Welcome to week 1 of our 12 Months of Wellness!

My challenge
This week is all about eating a balanced breakfast—every day. And we “alive-ers” are no exception. My personal challenge for the week won’t be about just eating breakfast, but eating a balanced breakfast, not just the typical cereal and milk I wolf down before running out the door. One recipe I can’t wait to try is the Bircher Chai Muesli with Maple Pecan Topping. All I have to do is soak the oat mixture overnight so the work in the morning is minimal—definitely my kind of recipe!

What are you going to change or try? Do you have any advice? Let us know in the comment section below!

Here are some more alive tips and recipes:

Build your breakfast
Matthew Kadey, registered dietician, reminds us to avoid breakfasts that are too heavy on carbs, and instead focus on balanced breakfasts that contain:

  • protein (for example, Greek yogourt, eggs)
  • carbohydrates (for example, fruits, oats)
  • healthy fats (for example, nuts, nut butter)

Check out these delicious alive breakfast recipes

  • Coconut Black Rice Cereal
  • DIY Granola
  • Cremini Omelette
  • Smoothie on the Run
  • Eat Your Protein Breakfast Wraps
  • Tempeh “Chorizo”


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