#2013alive: How Are You Tracking Your Moves?

#2013alive: How Are You Tracking Your Moves?

There’s a variety of ways to track your exercise moves. Use a paper calendar, an iPhone app, or a pedometer – whatever works for you.

It’s week 2 of the third month of our 12 Months of Wellness, and this week we’re tracking our moves. How successful have you been at keeping track of your exercise time this week? Some of our alive staff members share a variety of ways—old school and new—that help them keep track of exercise and motivate themselves at the same time.

Bryce Tarling, Editorial Assistant, says: “These days, a clock and a calendar are all I use to measure my success. I’m happy if I can fit three 30-minute exercise sessions into each week. I fit my other exercise in by walking up big hills with heavy groceries and taking the stairs in my apartment. I’m hoping the weather gets better soon, so that I can start biking to work again. Nothing beats using your commute as a means to stay active.”

Nina Wagner, Project Manager, says: “For the last 3 months I have been tracking my exercise success using the Nike Fuelband, which I wear all the time. This tool measures how many steps I’ve taken, how many calories I’ve burned, and the amount of “fuel” (energy) I’ve used. I can set a goal for myself, in terms of the amount of fuel I want to burn every day. I can then synch my Fuelband with my iPhone, which tracks my progress for the day/week/month and then shows me my statistics/progress. The biggest benefit of this tool is that it motivates me! My husband and several other family members also have Fuelbands, so between all of us we have become quite competitive as well! It’s wonderful to see everyone eager to be active because we want to outperform each other.”

Bronwyn Logan, Marketing and Digital Communications Specialist, says: “I have been using a pedometer to track my moves, and ensure that I get in 10,000 steps a day at least! My main exercise buddy is my dog (Nia). She and I go for walks twice a day, although in the rain she is not quite as fond of this outside time.”


Amy Wood, Editor, says: “I get bored very easily, and have to switch up my workout routine regularly. I know I’ve had a successful week when I’ve partaken in many different activities. For example, over the past seven days, I’ve taken three 1.5 hour walks, gone indoor rock climbing twice, done circuit training once, and gone to hot yoga once. By being conscious of getting in a variety of activities on a weekly basis I’m able to keep motivated, focusing on the activity rather than the act of exercising.”

I’ll have more ways alive staff are tracking their moves on Friday! In the meantime, let us know how you’re tracking your moves. Contact us on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #2013alive


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