#2013alive: Easy Ways to Add the Good

#2013alive: Easy Ways to Add the Good

It’s week 3 of our 12 Months of Wellness. Find out how the alive staff is adding the good (leafy greans, fibre, and omega-3s) to their diets.

It’s week 3 of our 12 Months of Wellness, and this week we’re adding the good to our diet. We’re increasing our servings of leafy greens, and increasing our intake of fibre and omega-3s.

This week the alive staff did a pretty good job of adding the good to our diets. Here\’s how we did it:

Stuart Harries, Editor-in-Chief: “I’ve committed to adding more greens by ensuring I have a salad at both lunch and dinner. For instance, yesterday I enjoyed a huge bowl of fresh cut microgreens from our urban cultivator with sardines on top. Greens, fibre, and omega-3s in one simple and tasty meal!”

Darren Field, Student Services Coordinator: “Each morning Janice, my wife, and I have a smoothie complete with  ground flax seed, mango, banana, raspberries, kale, spinach, probiotic yogourt, and water. M’mmmm good – I make enough to have for lunch too.”

Karla Gursche, Advertising Account Manager: “I love oatmeal in the morning and add a tablespoon of a fibre/probiotic/omega-3 supplement while cooking. This is so easy.”

Lina Kelaita, Graphic Designer: “I’ve been eating spinach non-stop this past week. I am finding that it goes well with any meal really, a great replacement for your average salad, and full of iron—and it’s delicious!”

Harley Godrey, Controller: “I piled those mircrogreens on my chicken salad.” (We grow our own microgreens in the alive kitchen.)

Amanda Pentland, Graphic Designer: “I’ve got a giant stash of spinach in our fridge at home. I steamed broccoli last night night for dinner, and I just LOVE GREEN VEGETABLES!!! They are my favourite colour or veg.”

Bronwyn Logan, Marketing and Digital Communications Specialist: “I have added spinach and a powder fibre supplement to my morning smoothies, and have a hardboiled egg daily as a snack to boost my omega-3s.”

Try these delicious alive recipes to add greens, fibre, and omega-3s to your diet:

Citrus Spinach and Salmon Salad

Baked Spinach and Potato Samosas

Sesame Salmon with Orange-Scented Quinoa

Rainbow Trout with Microgreen Sauce

Crunchy Bean Chili

Nutty Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

Enter alive\’s contest to win your own Urban Cultivator, valued at $2,200! Let us know how you\’re adding leafy greens, fibre, and omega-3s to your diet by dropping us a line via blog or Facebook comments, or by using the Twitter hashtag #2013alive!


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