#2013alive: Clear Your Mind, Discover Your Talents

#2013alive: Clear Your Mind, Discover Your Talents

It’s the end of month 4, week 1 of our 12 Months of Wellness. After clearing out the mental clutter, we’re working on finding our talents.

We’re just wrapping up week 1, month 4 of our 12 Months of Wellness. This month we’re focusing on finding our bliss, and in order to find that bliss we first need to clear out our mental clutter.

On Monday we talked about hatha yoga as a means of clearing our minds. As blissologist Eoin Finn says, hatha yoga “releases issues from the tissues,” making it an excellent tool on our path to bliss. However, hatha yoga might not be everyone’s cup of tea, so I asked alive staff on Wednesday what they did to clear their minds.

Now we’re prepping for next week, which is all about discovering your talents. You might already know what you’re good at, and spend the time growing that skill or talent; however, many of us are clueless when it comes to figuring out where we should put our efforts. 

Start to think about what you used to enjoy as a child, before you had to worry about being sensible. Ask your friends and family members what they think you’re good at. Or think of something you’ve always wanted to try but never have. You may stumble upon your bliss, or perhaps through process of elimination you’ll narrow it down.

To get some inspiration to find your talents, check out the following alive articles:

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What are your talents? We want to know! Let us know by dropping us a line via blog or Facebook comments, or by using the Twitter hashtag #2013alive. While you’re at it, download our April Goal Sheet to track your progress.


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