10 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

10 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Satisfied

With this arsenal of our favourite healthy snacks, you won’t be tempted by the chips and chocolate and candy anymore.

We’ve all been there: it’s 2:30 pm and suddenly the vending machine is calling your name … no, yelling your name. Or how about here: it’s 8 pm, the kiddies are finally in bed, the TV is on, and that double cheeseburger in the commercial looks no less delicious than the most expensive filet mignon. So what do we do? We grab a snack, of course.

Hopefully, however, we have the willpower and sense to resist these particular cravings and instead opt for a healthy, filling snack that will keep us energized (rather than provide us with a short-lived burst of energy followed by another slump). 

With this arsenal of our favourite healthy snacks, you won’t be tempted by the chips and chocolate and candy anymore. Well, maybe you will, but at least you’ll be prepared, so the next time that vending machine calls your name you can raise your fist and say, “Not today, vending machine, not today!” (Except don’t actually do that, as your co-workers might look at you funny.)

Orange Coconut Fruit Balls: packed with carbohydrate-rich dried fruit and omega-rich walnuts for an energy boost on the go.

Devilled Eggs: not just for garden parties, these Devilled Eggs pack a powerful protein punch, keeping you full and satisfied for longer.

Chocolate Fruit Bark: a healthier alternative to a chocolate bar (although be mindful of how much you eat, as even healthy ingredients can be bad for you when eaten in excess).

Apple Lentil Muffins: loaded with fibre-rich flaxseed and lentils with a nice bite from the walnuts and apple pieces.

Cheesy Cinnamon Apple Slices: perfect when you’re desperate for something satisfying, but haven’t prepared anything in advance.

Cocoa GORP: loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants, this play on the traditional “good old raisins and peanuts” is anything but boring.

White Bean Dip: serve it with sliced raw veggies, crackers, or whole grain pita wedges.

Almond Hemp Crackers: made with hempseeds, hempseed oil, and almond flour, these protein-packed crackers are filling and loaded with essential nutrients.

No-Bake Power Bars: rather than munching on one of those so-called “healthy” granola bars, whip up a batch of these bars packed with savoury peanuts and peanut butter, assorted seeds, and dried fruit.

Dark Chocolate Brownies: for the times when veggies just don’t cut it, these brownies will satisfy your sweet tooth—without adding to your waist circumference.


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